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Laravel Vapor and the AWS Lambda 50MB Limit
Strategies for optimizing your Laravel Vapor application to fit within with the AWS Lambda 50MB Limit.
It Worked! Google remonetized my YouTube channel
Google re-enabled my Adsense account exactly 30 days after I sent a demand letter for breach of contract.
I sent Google a demand letter for breach of contract
It’s been two weeks since my YouTube channel was wrongfully demonetized. Despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to reach anyone who can fix Google’s mistake.
YouTube Demonetized: Google mistakenly believes AdSense related to other account
My WebConcepts YouTube channel was demonetized last week after Google mistakenly linked my AdSense with some other disabled account.
Delete old email automatically using Google Apps Script
For the last six months I’ve had my Gmail account configured to automatically delete unarchived mail after 7 days that hasn't been starred or marked as important. And it’s been wonderful!


Mealpractice: Build your practice and share it with the world!

Mealpractice makes it easy to cook and share the recipes you love. Discover new recipes by following practitioners with similar tastes or nutritional goals.

Prezet: Markdown Blogging for Laravel

Transform your markdown files into SEO-friendly blogs, articles, and documentation!

Webconcepts Youtube Channel

A youtube channel covering various concepts related to web development. My goal with this channel is to provide quick overviews and examples to bring awareness to the topic.

Personal Youtube Channel

A youtube channel with videos about cameras, tech, and whatever else catches my interest.