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It Worked! Google remonetized my YouTube channel

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On July 15 2021 Google mistakenly closed the Adsense account I use to monetize several Youtube channels. I appealed the decision but Google denied it within hours in the dead of night. I wrote up a blog post with all the details of the account termination here:

I spent the next two weeks trying to reach someone at Google who could help. But all representatives referred back to that single appeal as the only opportunity to resolve their mistake.

On August 2, 2021 I sent Google a demand letter for breach of contract alleging that their actions violated the AdSense Terms of Service. In the letter I gave Google 30 days to reinstate the Adsense account or I would file litigation to enforce the contract. I wrote up another blog post detailing the letter here:

Account Re-enabled

On September 1, 2021, exactly 30 days from the date of my letter, Google re-enabled my Adsense account. To date they haven't sent me any communication acknowledging my letter, admitting that the account was closed in error, or even notifying me that the account had been reopened. I only discovered it because the monetization icon started appearing next to my videos in YouTube studio.

Update 2021-09-16: I received the following email from the Adsense Legal Team confirming that my account had been intentionally reinstated.

Adsense Legal: 2021-09-16 12:28 PM PDT

Despite the fact that I missed out on over $1,000 in ad revenue and spent over 40 hours researching California contract law, I am delighted by this outcome. I would have spent hundreds more hours researching case law and drafting pleadings had litigation become necessary. Honestly I can't believe the demand letter worked. I thought for sure I would have to file litigation to catch the attention of someone at Google with the authority to review my case.

Hopefully Google conducts an internal review of the mistakes that lead to the wrongful closure of my account. Others have reached out saying their accounts were closed for the same bogus reason as mine. Google should do the right thing and re-review their cases as well.

I want to say thank you to everyone who liked, commented on, and shared my videos and tweets. Your support made me feel like I wasn't alone during this ordeal.